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Dartmoor Beef and Lamb

All our meat is ethically reared and slow grown, maturing naturally  on Dartmoor. Its hung to increase flavour and tenderness and cut by an artisan butcher.
100% traceable from our fields to your fork.

Our Beef

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Our Beef comes from Luing cattle, a hardy breed originally from the Scottish Isle of Luing, making them well suited to growing steadily on the rugged hills of Dartmoor.They mature slowly and naturally as an integral part of the ecosystem on the moor. This leads to a wonderfully marbled, tender and succulent meat.


Our Lamb


Our Lambs are slow grown allowing them time to develop and gain muscle depth. They run freely on Dartmoor grazing on the varied plants and herbs that grow on the common.This leads to a leaner meat with more marbling which cooks perfectly to give a juicy, tender and deep flavoured dish.

Our Story

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Richard grew up in Chagford and has always been passionate about farming on Dartmoor.  In selling our high quality products in this way he wants to continue to produce healthy and environmentally beneficial 

meat sustainably.

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